Interesting flights due MAN/EGCC:-

Friday 18th August

HB-JOE Gulfstream 5 D20.30

0640 CX357 B-LRR
0650 HU7903 B-1546 B787-9
0700 QR021 A7-BCM
0715 EY015 A6-ETE
0730 UA081 N26123
0730 CLF241 G-HARG EMB Legacy 500
0805 EK021 A6-EDG
0830 AC1930 C-GHLV B767-3
0830 AA054 N346AN
0845 NJE395Y CS-DXV C560XL D1000
0855 AA734 N293AY
0855 SV129 HZ-AR12
0900 XJC019D G-DEIA C560XL D0945
0905 SQ052 9V-SMD
1000 D89160 EI-FHZ
1010 AA210 N199AN
1030 DY1326 LN-DYP
1040 NV003Z D-INOB C525
1040 NV025A M-TBEA C525
1045 A3638 SX-DVQ
1125 OS463 OE-LWQ
1200 VO3023 OO-VLS F50 VLM
1300 WX9551 EI-FWA Sukhoi SJet
1315 QR027 A7-BDD
1350 NV400 OK-BII Beechjet 400
1530 EY021 A6-ETA
1625 NJE629Q CS-DXR C560 XL
1705 NJE918C CS-DXF C560XL
1805 LX380 HB-JBB
1930 D85014 EI-FJG
2000 DY1348 LN-DYW

Saturday 19th August

Prestige and High performance car day at the Manchester Airport RVP 10.00hrs – 16.00hrs

A23.40 VLM Fokker 50 D1230 20AUG

Tuesday 22nd August

A1215 A330-300 Lufthansa D1345

Thursday 24th August

A0840 OE-ICE A318 D1700

A1030  A330-300 Lufthansa D1200

Saturday 26th August

A07.00 DHL B767 For Air Livery

Hainan A0540 D1215
During August the B787-9s will operate on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.

Breitling DC-3 HB-IRJ


Will be visiting MAN as part of it’s world tour. Current schedule: Arrive Thursday 31st August Dep Saturday 2nd Sept

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Dates for the Diary

Saturday 19th August– Prestige and High Performance Car Day at the Runway Visitor Park (RVP) and Concorde Hangar Manchester Airport 10.00hrs-16.00hrs


Sunday 27th August– Fly In – City Airport (Barton)

Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September– Fly In – City Airport (Barton)

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